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The Aircraft Museum in Deštná brings the past alive through imaginative and innovative display covering the experience of the Second World War Czechoslovak RAF pilots, and more, the collection of military and contemporary civilian aircraft, especially in South Bohemia. The exhibition provides a completely authentic taste of life of the former Czechoslovak RAF pilots under fire in Britain and after that, by the photographic or poster materials and the private artefacts owned by the pilots as well.

         The museum is the home of some unique military objects, for example, part of the Messerschmitt ME-109 downed in South Bohemia in April 1945; a wreck of Liberator PP-Y where a crew of eight pilots of No.311 Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron found their death on the Isle of Hoy in the northern Scotland, an engine of Bf 109 which was found nearby the town Veselí nad Lužnicí, Heinkel He-219 Rudder Uhu made in Suchdol nad Lužnicí (the only one known in Europe with original camouflage pattern lasted from spring 1945). Also to be seen are military objects brought by members of  the Aircraft History Club from their expeditions abroad, for example, compressed Spitfire gas bottle pierced by a round of Sgt. Karel Pavlík. He died on 5th May 1942 nearby the town Ypres in Belgium... .

         Visitors of the museum can step back in time as they walk through the rooms, experiencing the atmosphere and conditions of war times. In the extrance hall there is a copy of an air raid shelter made from sacks of sand and the visitors can see wartime pictures there; next to it there are period uniforms and flying overalls on the dressmaker´s dummies, and medals of hounor and army ranks in the display cases. The next room was opened in memory of Czechoslovak pilots who fell in the Second World War. Here, the visitors will find a huge photo of Brookwood Military Cementary where a lot of pilots were buried in those times. Under this photo there is a facsimile of the gravestone dedicated to Czechoslovak RAF pilots as well as the grave soil in the little bottles. In the largest room the visitors discover past or temporary sports and army air force in the Czech republic. There´s something for everyone, for example, a glider Šohaj of Jindřichův Hradec Aeroclub, parts of fighter and military bomb planes MIG and SU. Introductory and documentary films offer a fascinating insight into war times and the steps of members of the Aircraft History Club searching for life stories of Czechoslovak pilots during their thirteen expeditions abroad in the cinema room.


         History brought to life in the Aircraft Museum in Deštná tries to express gratefulness to Czechoslovak RAF pilots and mostly to their fight for freedom. (Actually, it´s interesting that a lot of  pilots were born in Deštná region). So Czechoslovak RAF pilots, thank you very much!


         The Aircraft Museum was established in 2008 by the town Deštná and the friends of the Aircraft History Club Jindřichův Hradec.