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The exhibition maps the development of both civil and army aviation in the South Bohemia in detail. However it also focuses on the fates of Czechoslovak airmen, who fought in World War II. This milestone of national history, which was neglected for decades by communist regime, is remembered by items from estate of fallen war veterans and memorial room. The museum thus introduces the greatest legends of Czech aviation as well as less known South Bohemians, who achieved extraordinary accomplishments in aviation. 

The exposition rooms are divided in two parts. The entrance hall features anti-aircraft shelter. The exposition there focuses on the fates of our airmen during WWII. The exhibits in the former cinema are devoted to Czechoslovak aviation and military and 13 foreign expeditions of our club. 

The exhibition consists mostly of the collections of the club as well as gifts and loans. The most unique exhibits are: a part of Messerschmitt Me-109 plane, a rudder of Heinkel He-219 Uhu from our collection (the only one known in Europe – camouflage 1945) or shot penetrated oxygen pressure tank from the Spitfire of Sgt. Karel Pavlík, who died in this aircraft on 5 th May 1942 at Ypres. Another unique of the exhibition is the wreckage of Liberator PP-Y airplane, at which Czechoslovak crew perished at Island of Hoy. 

The memorial room right next to the anti-aircraft shelter commemorates the names of fallen airmen. Their fates are depicted by detailed life stories. There are also photographs of their graves. The room is presided over by a giant photograph of the biggest British graveyard in Brookwood, where dozens of Czechoslovak war pilots are buried. There is an actual tombstone under the photograph surrounded by earth from the graves of the pilots. 

You can also see both historical and current films on aviation in the lecture/projection room. There are 40 seats in the room.  The administrators of the museum got movies from the film archive of Czech television, RAF Museum TV. The extensive offer will be completed by documentaries, which the members of the club made during their 13 foreign expeditions following the trails of Czechoslovak airman.The projection room also hosts discussions with historians, airmen, pilots and air veterans.



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